I'm having a hard time figuring out what I want to write about today. A lot happened, but very little was interesting, and I didn't really talk to a random person where I worked. I did work from a lot of places, though. I started at The Buzz in Nanaimo this morning with all my luggage (I checked out of the Painted Turtle) and made my way to Vancouver. I worked on the ferry across, which was marvelous. What a view! I even planned to work from the bus to Kitsilano where I'm staying. That didn't happen because the bus was packed, but still.

Right now I'm at Sunset Grill, which is a few steps from where I'm staying. The music they're playing here is great. It's a mix of Goldroom and a bunch of artists I've never listened to. Nice for a change. I got a Kitsilano sour, which is basically a whiskey sour topped with a red wine float. It's perfect for a late evening work session. I wasn't really planning to work most of today, but I'm glad I got some time in because Wednesday is another travel day full of flying.

I tried to have some interesting conversations during the day, and while some of them were interesting to me, they're not worth writing about. They were pretty surface-level. I did meet some great people on the bus into the city though. Seth, a mathematics student at a university I forgot the name of — maybe Simon Fraser — had some thoughts about artificial intelligence. His perspective wasn't something I've heard a lot, probably because I don't spend much time learning about AI. The goal he described was the same as others: Help a machine learn on its own. But the method was through a function that sounded like a lot of if/then statements. I honestly lost him halfway through the discussion because I don't understand such things, but he was great company for the ride.

I also met Wes, an electrician here in Kitsilano. He grew up in Port Alberni, which is on Vancouver Island. I drove through there on the way back from Tofino and my friends found a sweet coffee shop to try.

And I met up with Wes just now. We chatted a bit about education and how everyone learns differently. It was quite nice, but now I'm exhausted. This post could be better, but the day could have been more interesting and less travel so I'll leave it at that.