I know I said yesterday was crazy and a blur, but let's push that aside for today. Today was a chaotic dreamcycle. I finally got my car back with a happy thermostat, control arm, and new brake fluid. I even got the new stereo for it and put that in this afternoon. But I wanted to spend more time on fixing things on this site, which just didn't happen. The highlight of the day was this evening, at the Mercury Lounge in Goleta.

Since Thursdays are my day off, I try to leave the calendar free and spontaneity-provoking. I had one event today: See my friend Fernanda and her three-piece group perform beautiful tunes at the classy Mercury Lounge for a Bernie Sanders event. I was glad to go there at 6pm since I spent all day packing and getting ready for the Vancouver road trip. But I forgot to eat dinner so my friend and I got there more like 7pm. We caught the last few songs and I felt really bad about that. Then the night improved!

The next group to go on stage was a duo who performed some Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, and some fantastic harmonies. Then the surf rock rolled in with a five-piece. The bassist had to stand on the floor. Mercury is tiny, and their stage is the size of a queen bed. Along with the surf rock came lots of social goodies. People danced and were joyful. My friends danced and were also joyful. I didn't dance. I did get a lot of joy from watching them do all these things though.

I'm an introvert, so large groups of people and socialization aren't my favorite things. I usually have to turn it into a networking thing or something functional for me to feel like it's worth my time. Tonight was a nice exception. I got to hang out with Betyl (if you think it's spelled wrong, you're probably right because I don't actually know how to spell her name) for the second time and that was fantastic. I met her a few weeks ago at Java Station and was taken aback by the chemistry. There aren't many people who can take my absurd humor and run even farther with it. She's one of them, and I was so glad to spend more time with her. Oh and she gave me her number. Little side note for your wandering mind.

I took a photo today and wanted to put it on this post, but I wrote this whole thing on my iPad and the Canon app combined with my 6D's WiFi is meager at best. I'm still trying the whole storytelling thing. Not sure whether to focus on one element of the day or all of them or just make something up. That last one is tempting.