What the heck happened to Papermail? Actually, you weren't wondering that because there weren't many readers of it. You're new here and this is a whole new thing for you. Welcome. This whole thing is called Arrow's Reach. Here's how I descibed it to my friend Matthew this evening:

Design is similar but I got rid of some stupid lines and padding in the header so it looks way better now.

The meaning is something I'm still working on. I originally thought it just sounded cool. Then I assigned meaning to it for photography — "I only shoot within arrow's reach". That's not true of course, but whatever, it sounds cool. I'm thinking about saying it's me being in arrow's reach of things that I wrote about?

Which brings me to another topic that I don't know if I've discussed with you yet. The idea is to do a daily blog about working remotely. It'll be more than that, though, because I have a list of places to try working from. I'll write a sort of review, sort of journal entry on how the day and my life is going. I'll also make it a point to talk to one person in that coffee shop or location that I work, and write about what happened. Lastly, there will be a photo from there. Something, I'm not sure what though.

The whole idea for me is to stop using technology just for work and communication, which is what I do. I absolutely need to get back into writing or I'll go crazy. I'm also making sure to play more music these days. Creativity is lacking in my job, and it's okay since it's a job and I don't think I would ever use that specific energy, but apparently I have a lot of it stored up somewhere and that's what I need to be using. So here's the start of that. Where does the arrow reach today? So tacky. I really have to figure out something better.

If I wasn't so fuzzy from drinking too much tea, I would have written a better description in an official post format, but then I remembered that's not what Arrow's Reach even is. I have another project called The Paperjournals which I wanted to be a unique window into my life. But my life got a bit boring and I started holding back journal entries because I thought they were too personal and no one actually wanted to spend their time reading such things. I sure didn't want to.

Then I started watching Casey Neistat, and that changed my perspective on a lot of things. I haven't connected with a YouTuber or anyone like that in a really long time. And while I'm absolutely not someone who enjoys the modern first world of consumerism and the problems caused by the things we created to solve problems, I think there's a light to be found out there and I want to add a bit to it.

The smartest thing I've ever learned is I don't have all the answers,

Just a little light to call my own

- Emphasis, Sleeping At Last

There's a lot running around in my head about this right now. It could have been the 805 I had with taco Tuesday at Los Agaves here in Santa Barbara. It's probably the remaining caffeine from that oolong earlier today. I'm just excited to be writing again. It's a task, sure, but I want more stuff like this in my life and less checking for new messages and watching new TV shows. I want to contribute some things to a small part of humanity that understands the absurdity of life and also has a copy of Out of the Silent Planet waiting for them to finish. I hope I can contribute things to you, too. If you have ideas or locations I should visit, I'm all ears on Twitter.